Cooking With Kids


One of the most important factors when choosing to cook with your children is that you pick the right time to do it and pick the right recipe. Picking a time when you are rushing can lead to a great deal of stress as, when you involve children in the kitchen, you have to be able to relax and accept that they are inexperienced and slower than you – and that there may be a mess!

Getting startedGetting started

We are all washing our hands more often these days, but do make sure that both you and your child wash your hands before you start and that they wash their hands anytime there’s a sneeze, cough or contact with food like raw egg or meat.

Get Going!Get Going!

Did you know that heat has little impact on the calcium content of food? Therefore, milk, yogurt and cheese in cooked meals retain their calcium goodness and can contribute to your recommended daily intake of dairy. Here are some delicious recipes, perfect for all the family to enjoy creating… and certainly enjoy eating!

Our Recipes

Lilly’s Lunchbox Muffins

cooking with kids muffins

Derval’s Apple & Cheese Stacks

Cheesy Chilli Con Carne

cooking with kids chilli con carne


cooking with kids Lasagne

Oatmeal Muffins With A Mango Shake

Cooking with kids Oatmeal Muffins